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What My Clients Say

"My appointment never feels rushed, and Nicky is always able to lend a sympathetic ear and talk through the emotional aspects of the treatment working in harmony with the physical aspects. It feels like she's always got time for you and is genuinely interested." S. Wilkinson.

"I really really believe that reflexology works. Nicky helped me to relax, stay calm and stop obsessing about getting pregnant - and within a month I was pregnant!" Mrs S.

"I didn't expect the reflexology to have such an impact on my pain within one day! I am able to stand for longer periods of time as my back does not hurt. My energy levels have increased and I have more better days now.
I love my experiences with Nicky at the Camomile Rooms. It's not just the physical benefits but also the emotional and psychological benefits I get from our conversations during my treatment." R. Bassey

"I was particularly pleased with my reflexology when I was in the late stages of my pregnancy and I genuinely believe that it helped my labour. At nine months pregnant it's very difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed! However, Nicky and the reflexology made me feel both of those things. Additionally, Nicky is an absolute delight and I felt like she took a genuine interest in me, and in the birth of my daughter." K. Morris.

"I was impressed that Nicky spent so long getting to know me and my health at my initial consultation and it was reassuring that she already had an understanding of my health issues." R. Hughes.

"I had back pain during pregnancy and needed a maternity specialist so had pregnancy massages with Nicky. The whole experience is amazing! My back pain went and I've been relatively pain-free ever since. Nicky is so lovely and really makes it special and unique." R. Hill.

"Having a cup of tea to chat over your problems with is relaxing and makes you feel valued. I didn't feel rushed or like this was just a job for Nicky. She really listened and remembered what I had said. Even my baby found the treatments relaxing!
Reflexology may seem like something that wouldn't help SPD during pregnancy (how can a foot rub help your pelvis?!) but it was the only thing that relieved the discomfort. I wouldn't hesitate to see Nicky for any problems I have or just to 'reset'." I. Warren

"I have visited Nicky for massages for a number of years and she is one of the best therapists I have ever come across. She makes you feel very relaxed even before your treatment. I have recommended Nicky to my husband and friends, who have also commented on how lovely the massages were." L. Burford

"I was recommended by my midwife and found the whole experience deeply relaxing and restorative. I also felt calmer during my labour as a result of the preparatory reflexology. I found Nicky very approachable and so the environment at the Camomile Rooms is very nurturing and healing because of her as well as the treatments." R. Seys.

"Nicky is so professional and really knows her stuff. I love going to see her!" E. Bolton

"Reflexology with Nicky at the Camomile Rooms was able to work alongside medical intervention and support it. I never felt I had to make a choice between medicine and complementary therapies, whereas I have felt this way elsewhere." A. Bird

"I feel Nicky's treatments are therapeutic rather than just for relaxation. It has a lot of musculoskeletal benefits and there are so many more benefits compared to a traditional spa treatment. I would recommend her to anyone." L. Tosh

"Nicky is brilliant. She puts you at ease and makes the whole experience really enjoyable. I leave feeling that a weight has been lifted! Not only has seeing Nicky helped us to conceive, I also find the treatment really relaxing and now see it as a way to ease my stress.
I will be forever grateful to her for the help she has given us and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone else trying to have a baby." H. Westwood.

"Nicky's knowledge is second to none! I felt I was in really good hands. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes me feel completely at ease with discussing health issues and getting help with them." Mrs M.

"My focus came away from when I could take a pregnancy test and why I wasn't feeling pregnant and focused on making positive changes to my daily routine and health. Nicky is a very lovely lady and fantastic at her job. (I now am pregnant)" Mrs C.

"Nicky is by far the best therapist I've been to. She tailors the treatment to reflect what I need most. I love the stressbuster massage - by the end of it I feel like I'm floating. The Camomile Rooms is very calm and serene - I highly recommend it!". ET

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