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Which Reflexology Treatment Is Right For Me?

Reflexology is an holistic therapy in the truest sense as it works with you as an individual, rather than concentrating on any singular health complaint.
It is entirely safe for all ages, from the very young to the elderly and I offer a range of reflexology treatments...

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A gentle holistic therapy that uses reflex points on the feet to detect and restore imbalances within the body, and to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural healing abilities.

Your treatment will include a variety of advanced techniques, such as vertical reflex therapy and precision reflexology, to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Each treatment will be tailored to meet your needs. You may be taught self-help techniques where appropriate that you can use at home to maximise benefits between your treatments.

Single 60 minute session £50
Course of six 60 minute sessions (per person and to be taken within three months of purchase) £255

Reproductive Reflexology

Reproflexology ™, otherwise known as Reproductive Reflexology, is used to work alongside both you and your partner at any stage of your fertility planning. It is helpful for both of you to be in good health when hoping to conceive. The correct diet, exercise and lifestyle will boost your chances of a happy outcome. Our aim is to focus on both of you as you approach conception and reproductive reflexology works with both male and female fertility.

Specifically designed techniques help to bring your body, your hormones and your reproductive health back into balance, creating the most receptive environment ready for your body to conceive. The relaxation, stress relief and emotional support that reflexology provides is pivotal in helping you to conceive. Reflexology treats the whole you rather than any singular health concern and focuses on you achieving and maintaining balance and harmony within. Reproductive Reflexology is also designed to work alongside IVF and assisted conception, donor cycles and surrogacy.

Initial Fertility Consultation and Action Plan £80
Subsequent Single Session £50
Course of four 60 minute Sessions £180

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Maternity and Postnatal Reflexology

Advanced and specialised techniques work with your body to help ease the physical and emotional strain of pregnancy and maximise the health of you and your baby. These treatments are safe to have from day one of your pregnancy, right up until baby’s arrival. And may even encourage their arrival!

Research has shown that women who receive at least nine reflexology treatments during pregnancy may experience shorter birthing times, less pain relief, and reduced medical intervention.

After nine months of carrying your baby and all the physical and emotional changes – not to mention the hormonal changes – combined with the enormous effort and the elation of giving birth, it is important that you have time to regain your equilibrium and adjust to this new stage of your life.
As you enter your fourth trimester, these supportive sessions during this period can give you the time and space to help your transition into motherhood, physically, emotionally and hormonally. Post-natal reflexology treatments provide a safe, peaceful and relaxing space where you can spend an hour focusing on you and your wellbeing, as well as your new role as a mum. And babies are always welcome if you would prefer to bring them with you.

Single 60 minute Session £50
Course of six 60 minute Sessions £275

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Otherwise known as RLD, this is an award-winning technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes in the feet. It was developed specifically to help post-breast cancer lymphoedema but has been used to ease many other conditions to great effect.

The aim of the unique RLD sequence is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body and has been researched and developed by Sally Kay whilst working in cancer care. In cases of lymphoedema, the affected limb is measured before and after an RLD treatment to gauge the loss of fluid and improvements.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is used to work with other conditions than lymphoedema including arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ME, sinus problems, migraines and headaches, muscular tension and PMT.

Single 60 minute Session £50
Course of six 60 minute Sessions £275

Reflexology Treatments. pregnancy massage

Reflexology for Babies and Children

Reflexology works just as well on babies and children as it does on adults, just with very gentle, simple and yet effective techniques. It is entirely safe and appropriate for all ages – from the tiniest baby upwards. Sessions are usually 45 minutes which allows your child or baby to settle so we can work at their pace. A shorter, focused treatment can be just as effective as a longer one; each treatment is unique to them, how they respond and what they are comfortable with.

Single Session £47

The Children’s Reflexology Programme

Do you have a colicky baby who struggles to settle? Are they (and you!) struggling with reflux, teething, coughs and colds and allergies? Would you like to be prepared for when tantrums start? Or would like to help them through their immunisations? These are empowering sessions specifically designed for parents and carers that combines positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology. There are no set routines and ‘best times’ to use reflexology techniques on your baby – you will simply be taught quick and easy techniques that you can use at anytime and anywhere. No need to undress your little one – you only need to access their feet or hands to be able to help them.

Course of four 1:1 sessions £180
Private 1:1 session, including a copy of The Mouse's House Children's Reflexology book and all handouts £50

Facial Rebalance

Facial Reflexology works in the same way as foot reflexology, just on your head and face instead. It is a non-invasive treatment, working each reflex point and identifying areas of tension or imbalance. As well as the benefits of reflexology, it has a gently rejuvenating effect on your face, easing tension, increasing circulation and leaving your skin smoother, brighter and glowing. All treatments include a mini-organic facial.
Our Facial Rebalance helps to rebalance your body and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and calm, helping to alleviate stress and leaving you with an increased feeling of wellbeing. The perfect treatment for both mind and body.

60 minute Session £50

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